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Looks that belong on Reign;

Zuhair Murad, Fall/Winter, 2007-2008


Did you celebrate with all your friends? Alice and the white rabbit?


Alessandro Allori, Camilla Martelli, detail, 16th century

Because it’s amazing. Because I see

w o n d e r s 

reign + costumes (part 1)

you must know, i want the same world as you do, the better one. and the only way to build it is  t o g e t h e r.  we do greater things when we act as one, when we trust each other as  e q u a l s.

this is not a coronation for a king. it is for a  k i n g  and  q u e e n


EVERYONE, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! The show “Reign”, which airs on the CW, has released a spoiler that reveals Mary (as in Mary Queen of Scots and the main character of the show) will be brutally raped in an upcoming episode.

Please, PLEASE sign this petition to stop this from happening. The…